Preserve the Past, Anchor the Present

At eObit, we bridge the gap between remembering and revisiting. Our GPS-enabled memorial pages ensure that families and funeral professionals can locate gravesites and memorials with uncompromising precision and respect. This service is crucial not only for personal remembrance but also for managing cemetery logistics efficiently.

With eObit, you can ensure that every visitor finds their way, even if they arrive late, making every visit as meaningful as the last.

“How to Set Up Your GPS-Tagged Memorial Page”

1. Locate the QR Code: Start by locating the QR code on the eObit memorial plate installed at the gravesite.If you do not have an eObit Memorial Plate/QR code, skip to the next step, our staff will send a reply email with options.

2. Fill in the Form:

  • Your Name: Enter your full name.
  • Your Email: Provide a valid email address for any necessary follow-up.
  • Plot Name: If the plot has a specific name or identifier, enter it here. Type ‘N/A’ if not applicable.
  • Latitude, Longitude, and Accuracy: These fields will auto-populate with the GPS coordinates once you allow access to your location.
  • Additional Information: Any other details or notes can be added here.

3. Submit Details: Review all the information, and when ready, click on ‘SUBMIT’ to finalize the memorial page.

4. Access and Share: You’ll receive a link to the personalized memorial page. Share this with friends and family, ensuring that everyone who wishes to visit can find the location easily, regardless of when they arrive.

Getting your location: 00:00

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