Helpful Hints for Writing an Obituary

Be sure to include the following:

 1. Date of Birth

2. Parents

3. What number child of how many

4. Place of birth/ Hometown

5. Nickname

6. When received Christ & (if known) under whose Pastoral leader

7. Childhood Religious Experience (if known)

            – Where

            – How long

8. Childhood Education Experience

9. Collegiate Experience

            – Where

            – Fraternity or Sorority

            – Degree(s) obtained & when

10. Military, Navy, Army etc.. Experience

            – When enlisted

            – How long served

            – Honors, Medals, Accomplishments while serving

11. Professional Career/ Work Experience

            – Place

            – Position

            – How long

            – If retired & when

12. Life Accomplishments

            – Honors, Medals, Awards

13. Adult Religious Experience

            – When and if rededicated Life back to Christ

            – Beliefs

            – Where

14. Wife, Husband, Partner or Special Friend

            – When met

            – How long Married/ together

            – Number of Children (if any)

            – Place Resided

15. Description of Loved one

            – Things liked to do

            – Special Sayings

            – What will be remembered &/or missed most

16. Date of Death and Age

17. Preceded in death

18. Names of Those left to Cherish Memory

            – Parents and Where Reside

            – Spouse

            – Child(n) w/ Spouse name(s) and Where Reside

            – Grandchild(n), Great-Grand, Great-Great Grand etc.. w/ Spouse Name(s) and Where Reside

            – Sibling(s) w/ Spouse Name and Where Reside

            – Niece(s) and/or Nephew(s) w/ Spouse Name and Where Reside

            – Aunt(s) and/or Uncle(s) w/ Spouse Name and Where Reside

            – Mother, Father, Sister, Brother-in-law w/ Spouse Name and Where Reside

            -Godchild(n) w/ Spouse Name and Where Reside

            -Special/ Close Family Member and Where Reside